University Research Office (URO)

Research Administration shall be the main function of the University Research Office. It shall be headed by a Director and shall comprise of no less than three professional Research Administrators who shall responsible to the Director of Research. The functions of these shall be to:

i. Assist with proposal development and sourcing for funds;
ii. Assist Principal Investigator and academic departments in the use of the University Research Policy;
iii. Monitor research project to ensure compliance with proposal objectives and stipulated timeline;
iv. Scrutinize all research proposals for compliance with statutory and policy directives;
v. Evaluate every research project at each stage before and on completion.

The URO shall have three Units: Research Development and Support, Research Management and Research Ethics and Integrity.
4.1.1 Research Development and Support Unit
i. Assist researchers to develop fundable research proposals;
ii. Compile and maintain databases on grant providers;
iii. Support the researcher in securing funding from external sources;
iv. Compile and maintain databases of raw data generated by all research project in the University.

4.1.2 Research Management Unit
i. Implement the research policy of OAU;
ii. Identify the set research priorities;
iii. Administer the disbursement of research fund;
iv. Produce an Annual Research Report;
v. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate research activities.

4.1.2 Research Ethics and Integrity Unit
The principal functions of the Research and Integrity Unit shall be to:
i. Coordinate and monitor procedures on research using human subjects and animals;
ii. Monitor policies relating to research conduct and integrity;
iii. Supervise compliance with ethical regulations guiding research;
iv. Assist researchers in research and instruction related compliance concerns;
v. Ensure that animal care facilities are maintained in compliance with policy regulations;
vi. Provide administrative support for the relevant ethical review boards;
vii. Prepare and submit annual reports to the Director.