Administrative Support Office (ASO)

Administrative/Legal Unit

i. Provide administrative and legal support for the COR;
ii. Draft and/or review MOUs and Agreements on all matters that fall within the purview of the COR;
iii. Ensure that Intellectual Property standards and public rights created from research efforts are not breached;
iv. Liaise with the University Legal Unit on all legal matters between the COR members of the University community and the public.

Communications Unit

The Communications Units will perform the outreach functions of the COR including the following:

i. Publication of regular News Bulletins on Research in the University;
ii. Publication of the Annual Research Report of the University.

Finance and Procurement Unit

This Unit will be constituted from the existing Research Section and the Grants and Agency Unit of the Bursary. Its functions shall be to:

i. Coordinate the preparation and implementation of budgets by researchers;
ii. Coordinate the administration of all research grants to the University;
iii. Ensure that all the submitted budgets are in compliance with the budget format;
iv. Handle all virements and variations and make appropriate reconciliations;
v. Submit financial reports regularly to the Executive Director.