COR - Objectives

The Specific Objectives and Functions of the New COR

The COR shall be the Coordinating Office for Research. In that capacity, COR shall promote the culture of research in the University. It shall harmonize and coordinate all research activities and be responsible to the University Senate. It is proposed that the functions of COR shall include the following:

+ Development and implementing research strategies for the University;
+ Sourcing for grants to aid research development in the university;
+ Providing technical support in proposal writing to staff;
+ Promoting research collaboration and partnership;
+ Providing pre- and post-research award management;
+ Ensuring the legal protection and commercialization of Intellectual Property;
+ Translating results arising from research in the University into innovations;
+ Ensuring adequate provision and administration of research funds;
+ Formulating, implementing and regularly reviewing the University Research Policy;
+ Archiving of research data and dissemination of research findings;
+ Conducting ethical reviews of research proposals and ensuring compliance with applicable ethical standards;
+ Coordinating a formal mentoring culture in the University

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