Intellectual Property Office

Units of The IPO

Patent Information and Development Unit (PIDU)

The PIDU shall be involved in the following activities:

i. Facilitate patent searches and patent information dissemination;
ii. Archive patient documents;
iii. Operate an online database network with relevant agencies such as NOTAI and WIPO.

Intellectual Property Management Unit (IPMU)

The activities of the IPMU shall include the following:

i. Identification, evaluation and assessment of the novelty of inventions;
ii. Applying for IPRs for all rightable research results;
iii. Negotiating equities in joint venture agreements;
iv. Negotiating and drafting of technology Transfer agreements between the University and investors planning to utilize University IP.

Marketing Unit (MU)

The activities of the MU shall include the following:

i. Promoting the commercialization/exploitation of all University IP;
ii. Preparing project profiles and feasibility studies on commercialisable University research results;
iii. Promoting strong Research-industry linkage.