Linkages and Partnerships Office (LPO)

4.3.1 External Partnership Unit

i. Collaborate with the Advancement Office to promote linkages/partnerships between OAU and Non-Academic Institutions/Bodies;
ii. Initiate and execute MOUs and Agreements between OAU and other Institutions/Bodies;
iii. Promote town-gown initiatives

4.3.2 Academic Collaboration Unit

The Communications Units will perform the outreach functions of the COR including the following:

i. Promote Academic linkages/partnerships between OAU and other Institutions;
ii. Coordinate relations with International Organizations (ACU, AAU, ANSTI,UNESCO, WARIMA, et al.;
iii. Administer exchange/visiting programmes for staff and students

4.3.3 Capacity Building Unit

This Unit will be constituted from the existing Research Section and the Grants and Agency Unit of the Bursary. Its functions shall be to:

i. Organize capacity building workshops (proposal writing, research methodology and publishing);
ii. Disseminate information on Conferences and Funding opportunities for fellowships study leaves, postgraduate studies, etc

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  1. To scrutinize proposals for Linkages and Partnership
  2. To regulate the links and agreements between OAU and other Institutions/Bodies.
  3. To formulate short-term exchange/visiting programmes in collaboration with interested Units of the University.
  4. To periodically reviewing existing MOUs and agreements for internal consistency functionality, relevance and adequacy